60 Roman Shades. Awning Extension.


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60 Roman Shades. Awning Extension.

60 Roman Shades

60 roman shades

    roman shades
  • (Roman shade) A flat fabric shade that folds into neat horizontal pleats when raised.

  • (Roman Shade) A single sheet shade that rises up by lift cord in a tear drop or flat style that looks like an accordion folding up back and forth on itself. Reminds me of an opera house window treatment swag. Part of our Melhanna Shade collection.

  • (Roman Shade) This window treatment style consists of a fabric shade with wooden slats inserted horizontally at intervals down its entire length. It is raised and lowered via pull cord as with other blinds, but gathers soft folds as it does so.

  • sixty: the cardinal number that is the product of ten and six

  • Country Code: +60 International Call Prefix: 00

  • sixty: being ten more than fifty

Queen Boadicea Statue, Westminster, London

Queen Boadicea Statue, Westminster, London

This confident, berobed lady stirring her horses is the first recorded hero in English history: Boadicea, queen of the Iceni tribe, who led a rebellion against Roman occupiers in 60 AD. She is commemorated with this sculpture on the bank of the river Thames, right before the British Parliament, in London. The sculpture was only unveleid in 1905, but it has already become a classic London landmark. Ironically, Boadicea razed London to the ground during her revolt as the town had just been founded as a Roman settlement .
I played with black and white shading for this pic as it looked a little boring in the original colors.



METRAGEM 1.60 X 1.60 E 1.00 X 1.60
Cortinas roman shade ( recolhimento em dobras) em bambu natural que mesclam varetas e ripas, proporcionando maior vedacao da claridade
Beneficios ao Consumidor
A cortina Hawai da Euroflex e moderna, segue a tendencia de produtos rusticos e acompanha bando que proporciona maior sofisticacao e melhor acabamento estetico.

60 roman shades

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60 roman shades

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