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How to sew lined drapes. Kids shutter shades.

How To Sew Lined Drapes

how to sew lined drapes

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Blue Belle 1

Blue Belle 1

Here is my first in a planned series of mid-1800s special occasion gowns for American Girl dolls. This gown is made of a shimmering brocade, with soft silver threads woven throughout. This gorgeous fabric is woven in an elegant old-style Jacobean pattern with flowing flowers and leaves. This very-difficult-to-work-with-material has a lovely sheen and beautiful drape (how it falls in natural pretty folds). I have made a lined bodice with a low neckline, as was the fashion, and trimmed the neckline with silver scalloped trimming. The fully gathered puffs of sleeves have their cuffs trimmed in the same silver scallops. I've added an extension to the cuffs so the doll is easier to dress, they fasten with a snap to made the cuffs snug on her arms. The extremely full skirt is fully lined - this way there is no hemline stitching showing at all to visually interrupt the flow of the skirt. The length is to her calf, a good girl's length of the times. A separate silver metallic cord ties around her waist into a graceful bow in the back. The ends are fringed. The dress closes in the back with three small blue buttons and hand worked button loops, interior seams are finished. My name label is sewn inside.

The necklace is made of square set crystal rhinestones, and fastens with a hook.

This is another of my dresses that benefits from the support of a structured hooped petticoat, although the skirt is so full, it is not absolutely necessary. I have made a simple one, using covered wire at the bottom hem - this really keeps this dress looking very full and bell-shaped. The bottom is edged in a pale blue trim, the waist (which I put just below the waist of the dress to keep her waist small!), is elasticized.

vintage 1

vintage 1

This is "Yesteryear", a gown that is all about the fabric! The fabric is very special, it is a very fine quality of vintage cotton, embroidered white-on-white on the pretty scalloped edge border with lovely flowers, leaves and tendrils. The background of the fabric is a woven window pane design, which I think looks like a trellis. When I saw this sizable piece of vintage fabric in a shop this summer, I almost jumped for joy! It is rare to find such a lovely piece in such great condition, it washed and ironed beautifully. Vintage cotton fabric had such a lovely 'hand' - which means how the fabric feels to the touch, it is soft and drapes so well. There was enough for two dresses.

In my study of doll costuming, I have seen many, many 19th century dolls dressed all in white. I think it is a wonderful, pure look. This demure dress is in a classic mid-1800s design - gathered bodice, dropped shoulders, stand-up collar, very full sleeves. The fabric is very fine and delicate, you can possibly see in the sleeve picture close-up how fine it is. I did line all but the sleeves with a batiste fabric. The skirt lining is edged with lace. The sleeve cuffs cinch in snuggly with small buttons and handworked button loops, as does the bodice back. Interior seams are serged, and my name label is sewn inside.

For a little touch of color, I have made a necklace, it is a rose gold colored filigree heart, and closes with a barrel clasp.

This American Girl dress would be appropriate for all four of the mid-1800s girls - Kirsten, Addy, Cecile and Marie-Grace!

how to sew lined drapes

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