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Make relaxed roman shades - Pendant lamp shade - Roll up patio blinds.

Make Relaxed Roman Shades

make relaxed roman shades

    roman shades
  • (Roman shade) A flat fabric shade that folds into neat horizontal pleats when raised.

  • (Roman Shade) A single sheet shade that rises up by lift cord in a tear drop or flat style that looks like an accordion folding up back and forth on itself. Reminds me of an opera house window treatment swag. Part of our Melhanna Shade collection.

  • (Roman Shade) This window treatment style consists of a fabric shade with wooden slats inserted horizontally at intervals down its entire length. It is raised and lowered via pull cord as with other blinds, but gathers soft folds as it does so.

Relaxing Koala

Relaxing Koala

This is a picture of an relaxing koala in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.
This photo was taken by Stephanie Heyburn on May 18, 2007.

It could be used to address the second grade objectives:

3.01 Compare similarities and differences between oneself and others.
3.03 Compare similarities and differences among cultures in various communities.
5.06 Identify and describe the people, vegetation, and animal life specific to certain regions and describe their interdependence.

Application: Australia has many unique animals to call its own including the koala and the kangaroo. Students can learn about the this interesting wildlife and how they depend on the Australian land and climate. Students could produce an alphabet book based on indigenous Australian plants and wildlife. Each student could choose one object and describe why Australia makes the perfect home using climate, geographic features, and resources.

Teachers could also use this picture to begin a discussion about the relaxed lifestyle of the Australian people. Students could compare this to their own lifestyles and the American culture.



i whipped up a little sachet the other day for my dear friend chelsea. her new car smells like a new car, so i stuffed some of my relax blend into a little fabric sachet. i really like the simplicity of it. the raw edges and the single row of stitching. since it's linen, you can make the border stay flat or you can get it to be wavy like this.

make relaxed roman shades

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